Nicki first began her yoga journey with the Bikram style of hot yoga in 2003 while living in Colorado. With an innate desire to help others she quickly became interested in teaching as well. It wasn't until several years later and a move to Texas which eventually brought her to meet her mentor, Bruce Shoemaker, and the realization of her long held dream of teaching.

After a break from yoga for several years Nicki's return to her mat was a challenging one at first. Not only was she carrying 50 extra pounds after having her two children, Maddie (10) and Quincy (7), but she also had chronic knee and low back pain which begun affecting her quality of life. At first, her practice at Yoga Nation Ennis was inconsistent and slow to progress. Once she resolved an unhealthy diet and made conscious decisions toward healthy living she began to notice how much her energy level increased along with her motivation for her practice. The more she "showed up" on her mat the better she felt and the more weight started dropping off. At the same time, her chronic pain all but disappeared.

Nicki knows first-hand the healingand life

changing qualities of yoga. Knowing many people struggle, just like she did, her desire to help others and become a teacher was fiercely renewed. Nicki completed her 200 hour teacher training through Live Love Teach in Fort Worth in February 2015.

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Bruce, RYT200 grew up in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. The beach was his local hang-out which provided peace and tranquility...what a way to grow up!

He has been married to Debbie Shoemaker for 32 years. They have two children: Daughter, Brittany (31)and son, Jordan (29). His family has been and continues to be his inspiration and joy. He and his wife live in Waxahachie on 13 acres of land. They enjoy long walks...losing themselves in time... soaking up the sights and sounds and embracing the uplifting spirit-cleansing that only Mother Nature can provide.

Bruce's first yoga class was one of the most challenging experiences of his life he made an instant connection. In June, 2010, he completed a 200 hour teacher training certification through Texas Power Yog Teacher Training School. He was honored to be part of the first graduating class. He has been teaching for 10 years. Teaching  softly without the attachment of ego, his practice is breath-based, is infused with intuition, and embraces a free flow approach. He encourages his students to trust themselves and to push through expectations and fears. He considers himself blessed on many levels and feels grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow with his students.

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