Yoga & Thai Chi 

Studio Heated to a comfortable 85-95 degrees with humidity control. Bring a towel and water.

Hot Power Yoga

This will be a Baptiste style Flow of Sun Salutations, Warrior Poses, Plank, back bending and hip opening. Tapping into your breath and core strength will allow your every movement to be soft and whisper like. Following your intuition and dropping expectations will cleanse the soul and stoke that internal fire. The music is fun and so is the atmosphere. Change starts from within! All levels

Yang & Yin Yoga

A 30 minute Yang "core workout" followed by 30 minutes of Yin deep tissue stretch. All levels

Nexgen Yoga

This class will explore all areas of Yoga. Be prepared to journey where no Yogi has gone before!!!All levels

Yoga with the Teacher

Line your mat up right next to the teacher for this 60 minute empowering class. The flow will be freestyle and without a script so come without expectations and sweat with the teacher. All levels

Yang Tai Chi

We will blend breath to movement in a slow and relaxing environment. This all levels class is a great way to tap into your inner peace. Great for weight loss!! The last 15 minutes of this class will focus on applying Tai Chi in self defense.

Basic Yoga

NO HEAT A slower paced Hatha style Yoga class. The class will focus on breath, core strengthening and re-aligning the body. All levels 

DTS Yoga

Poses designed to reach the deep connective tissue were stress and tension live. Great for beginners new to Yoga

Acro Yoga

This beginners level Acro class covers the basics. We learn to communicate, trust and fly freely! Don't miss this one!

Yoga Nation Ennis