I remember my first class as if it were yesterday, one guy and the rest women. As I struggled through the class no one else did, so I thought. My competitive ego would not stand for this so I kept going back.

​The harder I tried the harder the practice become. Then I finally began to listen to what the teacher was saying, focus on breathing. This would forever change the way I live my life on and off the mat. My true self was emerging without the attachment of ego.

​11 years later the practice is still just as challenging but my approach has changed.I take what the present moment has to offer good or bad and breathe through it. We so often get stuck looking back at what was instead of what is. Focusing our energy on what happens in the past is a waste and can create unwanted stress and tension. We have a choice to live with out stress in our lives. This is what Yoga teaches us. You have the POWER and Yoga will unleash your inner strength. Ready to get STRONGER???

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